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Frequently Asked Questions

You can not bring commercially prepared food into the venue, such as Dominos Pizza, McDonalds or KFC. You can however bring home prepared food including sandwiches, fruit and home baking. Patrons may bring in sealed clear plastic water bottles up to 1.5 litres in size. Sealed non-alcoholic drinks up to 500mL in size can also be brought in. Empty plastic water bottles can be brought in and filled up from our water outlets – 1.5 litre restrictions still apply.

There is limited free parking at both Central Energy Trust Arena and the Palmerston North Conference & Function Centre. For major events, these car parks can be closed to event organisers only. Please refer to the venue site maps to identify where the on-site parking is located. There is ample street parking surrounding both venues. Please note, with some major events there are car parking charges, for onsite parking. Stay up to date with specific event information on our Facebook page.

No, you will need to use our contract catering company Absolute Caterers who have an excellent reputation in the industry. You’ll work directly with Absolute Caterers to design your function or event menu.

Yes, there are mobility parking options at both venues. Please call 0800 383 688 for more information

Wheelchair seating can be booked directly with our ticketing manager, please call 0800 383 688.

Yes! At Central Energy Trust Arena, please head to our ticketing office on the ground floor of the grandstand building. Entry is opposite our new artificial outdoor turf. At the Conference & Function Centre, please head to our ticketing office on the ground floor, entry via our Main Street entrance.

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Central Energy Trust Arena Restricted Items

To promote your health and safety

Items Allowed

Sealed clear plastic water bottles up to 1.5 litre in size*

Sealed non-alcholic drinks up to 500ml in size

Small amounts of food for personal consumption

Ample food & beverages outlets are easily accessible from Central Energy Trust Arena.

*Empty plastic water bottles may be filled in Arena from water outlets provided. The 1.5 litre size restriction applies.

Prohibited Items


Non-alcohol beverages over 500ml

Glass Bottles

Commercially prepared takeaway food *

Hard Chilly Bins, picnic blankets or large bags

Illicit Drugs

Sound Amplifiers including Loudhailers

Musical Instruments

Recording Devices for commercial purposes

Prams, strollers or pushchairs

Dogs or other pets**

Flares , Fireworks, Laser pointers

Knives or other dangerous weapons

Skateboards, roller blades, scooters or bicycles

Free standing chairs

Signs or banners that are obscene, offensive or abusive

Flag poles more than 1 metre long

Offensive clothing including Gang patches and offensive slogans

Hi-Vis vests and clothing

Any other item that Arena management determine may cause injury or public nuisance or inconvenience to any other person.

*Such as McDonalds, KFC, Pizza
**Service dogs are permitted with certification

Transport & Parking

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