About Palmy Venues

The Central Energy Trust Arena is one of New Zealand’s busiest and most versatile venues.

Where community comes first

We’re proud that every year, we host more than 3,000 bookings, 95% of which are for local community organisations and more than 30 sporting codes.

We also host a range of commercial and economic events including trade shows, exhibitions, sports events, weddings, dinners, conferences, festivals, concerts and more to help us generate revenue to subsidise community events and sports.

Arena’s 3, 4 (B&M Centre), 5 and 6 are community focussed facilities, with Arena’s 1 (Oval), and 2 (Fly Palmy Arena) aimed towards revenue generating events along with some community activity.

At the end of every year, we ask community sports groups for their booking requests for our community focussed facilities for the following year. At this time we advise what dates are unavailable due to the many National Sports tournaments we host like the NZ Secondary Schools Basketball and Volleyball Nationals, North Island Junior Badminton Nationals, along with other National or Regional tournaments such as Futsal, Archery, Skating, Gymnastics. These events remain relatively unchanged year on year. This allows our community sports to schedule their leagues and seasons without interruptions.

As we look towards the future, with new development projects from our revised Masterplan, we will see support for this growing demand by opening up more availability while helping to retain our current bookings with new state-of-the-art facilities.


With indoor venues like the B&M Centre, Fly Palmy Arena, Arena 3 and 5, there’s no shortage of space to host a wide range of events. The combined floor area of these indoor venues totals a staggering 14,000m²! Just for reference, that’s enough to park over 1,500 cars side by side!

95% of our bookings

Of the 3,000+ bookings we handle every year, more than 95% of these are for our incredible community groups and not-for-profit organisations. We’re proud to support these local groups, giving them a place to connect and do what they love.

450,000+ people

The Central Energy Trust Arena brings in more than 450,000 visitors each year. Many of these people live outside of Palmerston North and come here for an event, stay the night in local accommodation, eat out, and enjoy our recreational activities.

36 Sporting Codes

We’re the proud home of 36 different sporting codes. From speed skating to badminton and so many sports in between. The Central Energy Trust Arena is your go-to place to try something new and get involved.

3,000+ bookings

The Central Energy Trust Arena is New Zealand’s busiest and most versatile venue. The biggest sporting and events complex in the lower North Island, the Arena handles around 3,000 bookings a year and hosts 36 sporting codes, along with trade shows, exhibitions, weddings, dinners, conferences, meetings, festivals, concerts and more.

Community Discounts

Community is at the heart of everything we do, which is why our local community groups and not-for-profit organisations can receive up to 50% off venue hire.

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