Application to Hire

Venue Hire Booking Policy

  1. Enquiries for Venue availability dates occur regularly. These are simply enquiries and do not constitute a tentative (pencil) booking until acknowledgement of a tentative booking is given in writing by the venue.
  2. Once a tentative booking is confirmed by the Venue, it is given a priority on a “first come, first served” basis. Where more than one tentative booking exists, the first tentative booking received for a date is called the “1st tentative booking” and any subsequent tentative bookings received for the same date(s) and time are described as “2nd tentative booking”, “3rd tentative booking”, and so on. Priority of bookings will be given to the ‘1st tentative booking’, followed by the ‘2nd tentative booking’, and so on.
  3. If any party for whatever reason cancels or moves the dates of their tentative booking, or the venue cancels the tentative booking, then all tentative bookings will have their status/ ranking altered to reflect this. (i.e. if the 1st tentative booking is cancelled, then the 2nd tentative booking becomes the 1st tentative booking, and the 3rd tentative booking becomes the 2nd tentative booking, and so on).
  1. A 1st tentative booking within 3 months from the date of the event/ hire period will only be held for 1 month without confirmation. At the end of that month period, it may automatically be cancelled and removed from the Venue booking system without notice.
  2. Where a 2nd or subsequent tentative booking wishes to sign up a Venue Hire Agreement, the Venue will notify the 1st tentative booking of this (“Notice”) and the 1st tentative booking must, within 5 Working Days, either cancel their tentative booking or enter into a Venue Hire Agreement and pay the Confirmation Fee, if required. If the Venue does not receive confirmation that the 1st tentative booking wishes to enter into a Venue Hire Agreement within this timeframe, then the 1st tentative booking will be considered cancelled, and treated as such.

Palmy Venues Application to Hire

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    Confirmation of booking

    Your booking will only be confirmed once a signed copy of the 'Venue Hire General Terms and Conditions' document is returned and, if required by Palmy Venues, payment of the Confirmation Fee is made. The Venue Operator will then email through official confirmation of the booking.
    Palmy Venues reserves the right to change the venues specified on this application as it deems necessary to ensure the best utilisation of the venue by all users. Palmy Venues will make the event contact aware of any changes to venues as soon as possible after the changes have been made.


    I apply to hire the Venue for the dates, times and specified use I have detailed in this application. I have read and understand the Palmy Venues 'Venue Hire Booking Policy' I acknowledge that this application will not be confirmed until the Confirmation Fee has been paid (if required) I apply to hire the Venue for the dates, times and specified use I have detailed in this application. Details of my booking can be released to the media or made public
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